Idaho stations contest scores,  qsl information, 7 land buro, outgoing arrl QSL buro , LoTW
Contest - QSL services

This page is devoted to the contest operators from Idaho.
Contesting is fun, and it improves your operating skills. 
We're sure there's  lots of Idaho stations that enjoy contesting that DON'T submitted logs, 
Please, even if you work one station in a contest, we encourage you to submit your logs and be recognized as an Idaho Contester

regardless of the score,  Everyone operating a contest is to be congratulated ..  Keep up the good work..
Also, I can't report what I don't know about, please report any contest activity from your station to the webmaster

Contest Calendar Links, for major contests:  CQ magazine contests,      ARRL  contests  

and here's a link to almost every contest,  large and small, The 8-Day Contest Calendar  This is the best way to find out about upcoming contests.

Hey, if you work DX or "do" the DX contests, you need to know about the  7 Land INcoming QSL Service
                                                          and the outgoing ARRL QSL service  Outgoing ARRL QSL Buro
                                                          and the Log Book of the World          LoTW  
                                                                   I must admit, LoTW seems complex, but understanding is the answer,  here is a link to some online Slideshows.

Time in UTC:

Only major contests are listed,
Click the name for the exact dates and times..

  1              Straight Key Night 
2-3           RTTY Roundup
January VHF
CQ 160 meter -CW  Last full weekend in Jan

  8-12 School Club Roundup                 
20-21 International DX Contest - CW 
CQ WW RTTY WPX 4th full weekend (???)
CQ 160 meter SSB Last full weekend in Feb

  5-6  International DX Contest – Phone

Idaho QSO Party March 11 ..   Rules link   

CQ WW WPX SSB  ? Last full weekend ?


17    Rookie Roundup - SSB  
  7 land QSO Party             1st full weekend ??
CQWW WPX / CW       ?last full weekend?
  11-13   June VHF QSO Party
25-26    Field Day
  9-10          IARU HF World Championships
CQWW VHF             ? 3rd full weekend ?
  21          Rookie Roundup - RTTY  
  10-12           September VHF QSO Party
CQWW RTTY DX   ? last full weekend
  17-21      School Club Roundup
CQWW DX / SSB     ? last full weekend
   5-7   November Sweepstakes, CW November Sweepstakes - CW: First full weekend in November, 2100 UTC Saturday through 0259 UTC Monday.

19-21   November Sweepstakes, Phone
November Sweepstakes - Phone: Third full weekend in November, 2100 UTC Saturday through 0259 UTC Monday.

CQWW DX / CW    Last full weekend
  160 Meter ARRL 160 Meter Contest: First full weekend in December, 2200 UTC Friday through 1559 UTC Sunday.
10 Meter
ARRL 10 Meter Contest: Second full weekend in December, 0000 UTC Saturday through 2359 UTC Sunday.
Rookie Roundup–CW Rookie Roundup: Third Sunday, 1800 UTC through 2359 UTC.












To Submit Logs to the ARRL
see this link






If you would like to know the contest results for ARRL  contests , follow these instructions
you can get this info off the ARRL web,   first Login at

then click here
pick your contest,   then  go down to search and put Idaho in the Section box, 

I am sorry if you were a regular reader of this page, it was just too much work collecting and formatting all the information

to all you contesters, CONTEST  ON,