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Welcome to the Idaho QSO Party - - - Home Page
Held every year on the second full weekend in March

Coming in March, are you  ready ?

Idaho Stations,  We would like to list you and the counties
                         you plan to operate from,  especially Mobile's and
                         Portable stations and stations in sparsely populated
                         counties. This will help other mobiles plan their routes and to
                         avoid having 5 portables all in the same county.
                         SO if your planning to operate, send me your info,
                         EMAIL info to    


                                                 Out of state stations,
We know we're hard to find,  once you've found us,  help other's find us too. Please Spot us How to send a SPOT


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Take action now, it could happen to you

Questions ??
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Idaho Stations,  New to contestingclick here

The IDQP is sponsored by the following:
Treasure Valley Radio Association (TVRA
Ed Stuckey (AI7H), Idaho ARRL Section Manage
John Wilson (KIP, Pocatello), Webmaster

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