More info will be added here about the ARRL GRID CHASE CONTEST
and how it will effect the IDQP.  The Grid Chase is a big deal .   Rare Grids, like many here in idaho will be like a magnet attracting
QSO's and more QSO's.   HOWEVER,  it will only work if you use Logbook of The World (LoTW).  SO, if you don't use it and
if you want to become a commodity , you need to sign up.

also if you go portable/mobile  to the intersections for grids, you can "light" up more than ONE at a time.

now for the IDQP we always talk about going to county lines,  giving two or more at once,  BUT ,  for the GRID Chasers, counties
aren't at all important.

Here is a link to h  a great place to find the intersections of GRIDS.  There are 25    Four Square locations
and endless spots straddling 2 grids..  I suguest you READ the Grid Chase RULES,  you need a camera and a GPS

If your operating from home,  just give the normal exchange,  for the Chase you don't have to exchange grids,  but you might want to add it to
your exchange.    More to follow , 

below is what would normal happen,     this year will be a bit different  ,  and Lighting up Idaho,  and some rare counties and straddle a grid line   will be a hoot
Hi Guys,   this message is for Idaho hams that want to join the fun.

All  Idaho stations ,  Please send in your logs,  by sending in your logs you helps the boys and girls at
KARS tabulate the scores for the "out of state" entrants. see this link about logs

Even if you made only a  few contacts your contribution will add to the overall  Idaho effort.
and you make our event and state stand out.

The More Stations the Merrier..  We need your help to make this a success.
This is really Idaho's day to get on the radio,   its easy, you don't need a KW
and a big BEAM to have some "on the air" fun.   You will probably generate lots of contacts ! 
So be ready. 
I really suggest a computer log. see below.
Idaho is a RARE state, this event generated a lot of interest in the US and for DX.
Log your contacts, send them in.

If you've never worked a pileup , I suggest you read my page about how to
handle pileups and the mass of  humanity that might be calling you all at once.  Whatever you do,  don't get frustrated, it might
be a bit overwhelming at first but after a few minutes things get easier.  
Remember you are "in charge" of the frequency.  take charge and stay in charge. 
FYI, the more power ur running the more stations will hear you, the bigger the pileup , , 

Software Logging,  if you plan on less than 30  's   " IN State QSO party" logger works up to 30 Q's free. (I think)
and if you buy it I think it's only $8, ??
also the N1MM logger works fine and its free and is unlimited.  To be fair, I don't know about the other software listed on our
software page ..    to me N1MM is a bit confusing for first time users, if you need help call me , I will help    208-251-6441 (k0ip)

OK, enough said,  turn your radio on. mark your calendars