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ARRL Idaho Section

A message from Dan Marler, K7REX,  ARRL Idaho Section Manager...


Today, April 1st (April Fool’s Day) I am your new ARRL Section Manager
(SM).  I am stepping in where Ed Stuckey, AI7H is leaving off his
leadership for the past ten years.  We are all sorry to see Ed go. 
However, I am not letting Ed go very far.  Ed will be part of a new
Idaho ARRL ASM program….more on that in a moment.

The ARRL is going through a period of challenging changes as is Amateur
Radio.  To make all that and more work for us, steps are being taken to
provide ALL of Idaho ARRL members a voice in what matters.  Stay

In addition, we will have a team of Assistant Section Managers (ASM)
with at least one ASM located in different geographical locations of
Idaho.  This team will serve as an advisory committee for the areas they
serve.  This same team of ASM’s will be charged with helping to open
doors to new ham radio opportunities while at the same time promoting
the hobby as we’ve all come to know it.  In this way, we will be able
to provide added value that will benefit everyone. Again, stay tuned…

Our new Idaho ARRL website is for all hams.  It is focused on Idaho
ARRL, but also includes information, forms, and links that benefit all. 
An “Idaho ARRL members only” webpage will soon be added. 

Our Idaho ARES website http://www.idahoares.info/ remains to be our
go-to website for ARES members. 

Idaho ARRL bulletins on all this and more will soon be coming. 

Best of 73's

Dan Marler, K7REX

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