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ARRL Idaho Section

A message from Dan Marler, K7REX,  ARRL Idaho Section Manager...

Greetings everyone. 

The Idaho ARRL is committed to serve and support the needs of its members, but more than that, we are here to promote ham radio and provide services that benefit all Idaho hams.  One way we are doing that is by participating in and promoting events such as the recent Idaho Ham Radio STEM‐Fest. At this event, ham clubs, organizations, and individuals in southwestern Idaho came together as one to host Idaho’s first-of-its-kind ham convention. Another way to do this is to use the ARRL Idaho website to bridge information of the common needs and interest of all Idaho hams.

 It is critical to provide a means for promoting ham activities statewide and keeping everyone informed on what is happening.  Many clubs, organizations, and individuals are doing amazing things and would like to share.  There are scheduled ham radio classes, VE exams, balloon launches, SOTA events, Fox Hunts, etc., that very few know about.  In addition, there are youth nets, traffic nets, ARES nets, special interest nets and a long list of others that all hams, regardless of affiliations should have informational access to, but don’t.  In short, there needs to be a central location for all hams, non-hams, and the media to access that information and more.

Simply put, there are those who want to see more participation and those who would like to participate. Having a one-stop-shop such as the Idaho ARRL website https://idahoarrl.info/index.html would greatly simplify the search while at the same time not take away from those doing the work; a means of promoting and supporting the ham clubs, organizations and individuals of Idaho.

 The Idaho ARRL website has an active calendar for posting many of these events.  It can include links within each posting to redirect the viewer to another website, Facebook or whatever is needed. 

 All that sounds great, but how do we obtain the needed information?  We need your suggestions, ideas, and comments. When it comes to providing the data, what will work best for you?  How can we help to facilitate that? 

 Please send your thoughts and comments to ARRL.IDAHO@gmail.com or to the representative listed below representing your Idaho geographical area.

 Click here to go to the CALENDAR page.

 The Idaho ARRL website also has a “"Your Events"” page that lists your club events and accomplishments that you would like to publicize.   

 Click here to go to the YOUR EVENTS page.


Southwestern Idaho

Bob Minton, NU7L


Southwestern Idaho

Don Lynn, ND7L


Elmore County

Chris Trouten, AF7FQ


South Central Idaho

Kelly Klaas, K7SU


Eastern Idaho

Doug Nielson, N7DN


Eastern Idaho

Marty Edwards , AK7ME


North Central Idaho

Rob Blout, KA7ERV


Northern Idaho

Ed Stuckey, AI7H


Best of 73's
Dan Marler, K7REX

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