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ARRL Idaho Section

A message from Dan Marler, K7REX,  ARRL Idaho Section Manager...

Greetings to all,

I am now six months into my term as your ARRL Idaho Section Manager. Most of you know by now just how important it is to me to provide services that benefit all Idaho hams; more on this later.

Through the hard work of Kelly Klaas, K7SU (webmaster) and the efforts of many, our ARRL website has become an Idaho ham one-stop-shop that promotes and supports the ham clubs, organizations, and individuals of Idaho. It’s a work in process that needs your participation; a big emphasis on “your participation” because that is what it’ll take. This is a group project that you, as an Idaho ham, you are part of.

Our Idaho ARES website http://www.idahoares.info/ has been continuously improving under the guidance and care of Ray Montagne, W7CIA (webmaster). Working closely with Idaho ARRL leadership Ray’s ARES website serves many specific functions important to developing and maintaining Idaho ARES. It is the anchor used by our ARES members and the agencies they serve. Ray’s work has not gone unnoticed by others. To date, he has helped Hawaii, and most recently, the US Virgin Islands develop their ARES websites.

To be a part of such events as the Idaho Ham Radio STEM‐Fest that represented ham clubs, organizations, and individuals in southwestern Idaho coming together as one was very rewarding. I intend to promote more events that include all regardless of affiliation.

ALL IDAHO HAMS: As many of you know, I have put together a team of Assistant Section Managers (ASM) located in various parts of Idaho. They represent me as Idaho’s Section Manager to represent you. We meet regularly to discuss issues concerning Idaho hams and explore ways that the Idaho ARRL can better serve you. By keeping you informed and obtaining your input, they provide a means of making better decisions and finding solutions that best serve us all. You do not need to be an ARRL member to participate.

It now appears that what we are doing here in Idaho is being picked up by the NW District where we as SM’s will have a voice in what is happening at the national level. It is through this path that your voices will be heard at both the state and national level. Below is the list of Idaho ASM’s. I urge ham clubs, groups, and individuals to contact them with your views, thoughts, and ideas.

Best of 73's,


Idaho ARRL Assistant Section Managers


Bob Minton, NU7L

rjm @interplus.net


Don Lynn, ND7L

nd7l @arrl.net

Mountain Home

Chris Trouten, WA7ZAF

christopher_trouten @yahoo.com

Twin Falls

Kelly Klaas, K7SU

kelly @k7su.com

Idaho Falls

Doug Nielson, N7DN

nielson.doug @gmail.com


Marty Edwards , AK7ME

ak7me @arrl.net


Rob Blout, KA7ERV

ka7erv @gmail.com

Post Falls

Ed Stuckey, AI7H

ai7h.id @gmail.com

Bonners Ferry DJ (Dale) Cruttenden KF7SKU kf7sku @ arrl.net

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