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Report an IDAHO Silent Key

This page contains information about how to report an IDAHO Silent Key (deceased amateur radio operator) to QST, QRZ.com and the F.C.C.

In order to publish a Silent Key, it is required that you provide one (1) of the following 
documentation to verify the death:
    •a copy of an obituary notice or a website link to obituary
    •a copy of the death certificate
    •a letter from the family lawyer or the executor

You can send an email to the following email address along with one or more of the above documents attached to:

           SK @ IdahoARRL.info
In your email, please include verification of death (see above) and the following...
·         SK Call Sign
          SK First Name

SK Last Name
SK City and State
Your First and Last name, and call sign if applicable
Your email address and/or phone number



Recent IDAHO Silent Keys...

Name Call QTH Date Name Call QTH Date
Michael Payne W0LVJ Twin Falls August 2019 Michael Hyde N7OCR Boise Fall 2018
Cynthia Pittsley KC7VAH Post Falls August 2019 Thomas A. Moore KI7PK Pocatello Feb. 2019
Harold Malmstrom W7HWM Boise June 2019 Don E. Seaton KF7EJT Filer Dec. 2018
Robert E. Mottaz AD6XD Boise April 2019 John Wiggins N7MAJ Castleford
Christine Gardner KC7HPC Boise May 2019 Roger L. Simmons Sr. KD7AJK Sunnyslope Jan. 2017
Stephen Hagerty K7WKR Twin Falls April 2019 JoAnn Shotwell (Jody) W7GCX Twin Falls Aug. 2017  
Richard Shotwell W7GDA Twin Falls July 2018   Connie Kennedy WB6FYD Twin Falls July 2018  
Barbara (Bobbi) Kelly KD7JKC Twin Falls   Sherman Stanley WA6IRN Twin Falls    
Gary Rogers N7FSE Jerome Jan. 2018   Lawrence Hinds KF6THX Oakley April 2018  
Walt Mai K7MAI Rupert Aug 2018   Dexter Rogers N7GKJ Buhl May 2017
Bob Wells KF7TWO Boise Nov. 2017 Mike Hyde N7OCR Boise Nov. 2017  
Sherman Stanley WA6IRN Twin Falls June 2016   Gordon Harris N7GUC Twin Falls Feb. 2016
Mike O'Leary WA1OAC Jerome Sept 2015 Dallas Peterson WB7AKX Meridian July 2015
Oneta McClain K7DMY Twin Falls   Howard Sutton W7WKL Rupert July 2015  
Earl Medeiros WB7RES Caldwell Mar 2010   Jim Marcoux N7ZGH Twin Falls  
Mike Strolberg WB7NNQ Buhl   Ken Stone W7BZ Twin Falls  
Hal Leeny K6YEX Twin Falls   Jay Smith W7BMS Kimberly  
Dan Worsencroft W7BNE Twin Falls   Mike Graham N7BQP Twin Falls Jan. 2009  
Jack Shropshire KI7S Kimberly   Ted Goers W7ORB Richfield 2004
John L Ellis N7VOD Twin Falls Feb. 2018