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ARRL Idaho Section

A message from Idaho ARRL Section Manager Dan Marler, K7REX
May 2021 – Idaho ARRL Happenings

Hi Everyone,
I would like to start this newsletter with great news just released from our CEO, David Minster, NA2AA.  Our FCC Attorney in Washington DC has received confirmation that the new email address they now require will not be viewable from the public. This should ease a lot of concern about releasing that information.

As long as we are doing good news, I have learned that with the CDC recent changes to the Coronavirus guidelines, Idaho and especially the Boise area will be easing restrictions for in-person get-togethers. Already, Bob Minton, NU7L of RJM Computers and Electronics in Boise, has announced that he'd be having his Boise Ham Swap Meet soon (stay tuned).

I fully expect to be hearing from Amateur Radio clubs and organizations all over Idaho as they come alive again.
Regardless if you're an ARRL member or not, please update the Idaho ARRL Website of your activities, and be sure to include information about your club and/or ham organization. Dust those radios off, and let's go have some fun.
As most of you know, I have assigned ASM's at various locations throughout Idaho to represent myself as your Idaho's ARRL Section Manager as a means of representing you. See below for a contact list of Idaho's ARRL Assistant Section Manager's. If he hasn't reached out to you, reach out to him. There is a lot we can get done together.
Throughout this pandemic, many have grown a love/hate relationship with video teleconferencing. Getting back to in-person meetings will be great, and I look forward to attending club meetings, swap meets, and conventions again. That said, we have all learned the value of video teleconferencing and its benefits. Hams that generally could not attend ham meetings for a wide range of reasons, even before COVID-19, now can; there is a wide range of information available online that wasn't before that includes ham courses and disaster communication certification training, among others. Please take advantage of them.

In short, video teleconferencing has broadened our world, and it will only get better. In the future, we need to be looking for ways to include in-person meetings with online resources, and the ARRL will be there to help along the way. Seize the opportunity…

For reporting Idaho Silent Keys (SK): Send an email to SK@IdahoARRL.info
Go to https://www.idahoarrl.info/skreport.html for details.

We have ARRL Idaho Assistant Section Managers (ASM) located at several Idaho geographical locations to serve you better. We want to know how the ARRL can assist you. You don’t need to be an ARRL member to be heard. What you have to offer, benefits all of us.

Idaho ASM’s:

Rob Blout KA7ERV, Boise/Valley County ka7erv@arrl.net
Dale Cruttenden KF7SKU, Bonners Ferry kf7sku@arrl.net
Marty Edwards AK7ME, Rigby ak7me@arrl.net
Kelly Klaas K7SU, Twin Falls kelly@K7SU.com
Don Lynn ND7L, Nampa nd7l@arrl.net
Robert Minton NU7L, Boise rjm@interplus.net
Doug Nielson N7DN, Idaho Falls n7dn@arrl.net
Edward Stuckey AI7H, Post Falls ai7h@arrl.net
Chris Trouten WA7ZAF, Mountain Home wa7zaf@arrl.net
Mike Brown, N7ID, Moscow/Troy area n7id@arrl.net

 We have three ARRL State Government Liaisons (SGL) in Idaho.  SGL's are the ones who have our backs. They are there to be sure the hams get a fair deal when it comes to government ordinances and laws.

Idaho SGL’s:

Rex Green, K7DMV - trgreen1947@gmail.com
Don Clower, KA7T  - 
Mike Brown, N7ID -





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