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Idaho ARES Statewide HF Voice Net -
Every Thursday evening in Idaho at 0230 Zulu
Frequency: 3920 KHz LSB +/- QRM (3820 LSB and 7220 LSB are alternates)
Idaho ARES Statewide HF Digital Net ·
Every Thursday in idaho, 0300 Zulu / 2000 hrs Mountain / 1900 hrs Pacific.
Frequencies: MFSK-32: 3578.50 @ approximately 1500 on the waterfall RMS Express in Peer-to-Peer mode: 3580.00 Center Freq ·
MFSK-32 (Olivia 8/500 as alternate) is used for initial check-in, then by direction of net control, move to RMS Express and send net control a message in Peer-to-Peer mode.  We have instructional documentation to provide to you for setting up RMS Express if requested. ·
Any questions, please send email to: KA7ERV @gmail.com  for Digital Net or john.ailport13 @comcast.net for voice net.
FEMA Region X Interoperability NET
60m band on the third Wednesday of the month.
This NET is a monthly opportunity for Amateur Radio facilities to interact directly with FEMA and stations (MARS, IOEM, USCG AUX, etc.) that participate in the DHS SHARES program and includes all of FEMA Region X (i.e. Idaho, Oregon, Washington).
Details can be found HERE
Most current information should be available by
contacting Laura Goodreau, Regional Emergency Communications Coordinator (RECC) at
Laura.goudreau@fema.dhs.gov <mailto:Laura.goudreau@fema.dhs.gov>
Idaho CD Net 3990 M-F 1500
WSN 3563/7058 Daily 1530
DRN7/c1 7238/3885 Daily 1745
DPAN/c1 14345/7295 Daily 1830
DPAN/c 21345/7295 Daily 2230
DRN7/c2 7238/3885 Daily 2315
MTN 3910 Daily 0030
WARTS 3975 Daily 0100
FARM 3937 Daily 0200
OSN 3587 Daily 0230
WSN 3563 Daily 0245
BCEN 3652 Daily 0300
IMN 3572 Daily 0300
NTS Brochure    Fillable Radiogram      Radiogram with Explanations     Call List Link
RN7/c4 3560 Daily 0330
PAN/c4 3552/7052 Daily 0430
RN7/c4 3560 Daily 0530
WSN 3563 Daily 0545
OSN 3587 Daily 0600
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